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QCLD: QCL Driver and Temperature Controller

QCLD: QCL Driver and Temperature Controller


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  • Optimized for driving CW QCL lasers
  • Extremely low noise output to drive low current, high compliance semiconductor lasers
  • High precision temperature control
  • Real time monitoring/logging of QCL current, voltage, temperature and all signals connected to Ice Bloc
  • External modulation and photodiode inputs
  • Web based interface
  • Ethernet connectivity


Ice Bloc QCLD is a precision current source and temperature controller for building laser-based photonic systems in research, experimental and production applications.

Driving the latest generation of low current, high compliance voltage quantum cascade lasers, the QCLD provides market-leading ultra-low output noise performance with high precision and high resolution current set points. The integrated temperature controller can control a TEC with user-programmable output current, current polarity, voltage limits, PID control parameters and ramp time settings. The QCLD Ice Bloc has been designed with various mechanisms to protect the laser, and its compact form factor with customisable software interface allows easy integration of Ice Bloc QCLD into experiments or OEM setups.

For additional capability to drive external stepper and piezo motors for QCL laser tuning, please consider Ice Bloc QCLAD.


Output current range 0 – 2.5 A
Output compliance voltage range 0 – 17 V
Output current noise density <2n A/√Hz for frequency range 10 Hz - 1 MHz
Current setting resolution 1 mA
Current accuracy ±0.1 %
Current temperature stability ±20 ppm/°C
Output voltage range 0 V - 16 V
Output type Bi-directional, linear Output current range 0 - 8 A
Temperature set point resolution 0.001 °K - typical value
Temperature control stability <1 mK
Set point temperature coefficient <5 ppm / °K
Temperature set point range -20.15 °C to +79.85 °C
NTC thermistor range: 10 kΩ - 100 kΩ
Extended thermistor range 1 kΩ - 1 MΩ
Slow modulation input
Modulation frequency bandwidth DC – 50 Hz
Modulation sensitivity 10 m A/V
Input impedance 200 kΩ
Maximum safe input ±5 V
Fast modulation input  
Modulation frequency bandwidth 1.6 kHz – 3 MHz
Modulation sensitivity 10 m A/V
Input impedance 50Ω (at high frequencies)
Maximum safe input ±2.5 V
Input impedance 10Ω (transimpedance)
Transimpedance gain range 200 V/A – 20kV/A
Maximum safe input ±0.6 V (protected)
Input linear range ±10 mA
Maximum safe input ±5.5 V (protected)
Input linear range ±5 V
Open circuit voltage 3.3 V
Closed maximum resistance 5.6 kΩ
Emission LED  
Output voltage +5.5 V
Current limiting resistance 360 Ω
Current monitor Transfer function: 500 mA/V
Mains input voltage

100-240 V

AC 50/60 Hz

350 VA (typical power:15 W)

Size (W x H x D)

Half rack

(203 mm) x 2U (89 mm) x 345 mm

(8” x 3.5” x 13.6”)

Weight 4.1 kg
Operating temperature 0 °C to 70 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to 85 °C
Relative humidity <90 % humidity, non-condensing
Indoor/outdoor use   Indoor use only
Altitude <2000 m