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About Ice Bloc

New high performance laser instrumentation with state-of-the-art connectivity and a modern accessible interface.

The Ice Bloc range has been designed to help you capture, extract and view important experimental data with the aim of making your experiments easier to set up, manage and measure.

1. Simple web based control

Configure and run experiments from a modern interface by simply typing the IP address of your Ice Bloc into a web browser. Ice Bloc has a built-in web server, so there is no software to install or dedicated software drivers to download. The web interface provides easy access to all features and rich data visualization.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Control from any computer, anywhere.
  • Instantly visualise and export data.

2. Secure remote ethernet access

When you’re ready to get connected, simply plug Ice Bloc into your lab’s router or your institution’s network via Ethernet. This TCP/IP connection provides fast and secure, local and remote access – a set up that means you’ll be able to easily control, monitor, diagnose and upgrade your system from any networked computer.

  • Up to 100x faster than Serial or GPIB connections.
  • Control devices over the Internet.
  • Password protection for security.

3. High performance and low noise

The Ice Bloc range strikes the optimum balance between noise, power and efficiency. All our components and electronics are fully optimised and highly sensitive to ensure that you get the precision you need in your experiments.

  • Award-winning design and engineering.
  • Market-leading specifications.
  • Advanced control and data logging.

4. Customise Ice Bloc to suit you

We’re no strangers to customising devices to meet the exacting requirements of our customers. If you need something quieter, or you’d like the output current to be higher, we can engineer Ice Bloc to meet your needs.

  • Multi-channel devices available.
  • All product specifications can be custom engineered.
  • World wide support.