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PP: Pulse Picking Timing Controller

PP: Pulse Picking Timing Controller

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  • Two independent pulse-picking controllers
  • High speed repetition rate supports 200 MHz laser technologies
  • FPGA controller architecture
  • Gate and Trigger modes via auxiliary inputs
  • Configurable divider and burst settings
  • Reconfigurable and upgradable through software updates
  • Ethernet connectivity and web interface


Ice Bloc PP is a versatile Pulse Picking timing controller for use with up to 200 MHz repetition rate lasers. The PP is ideal for precision laser machining applications with dual-channel reconfigurable control over burst period and duty cycle. The dual-channel timing outputs are ideal for use with Master Oscillator Power Amplifier and Regenerative Amplifier systems. Its customisable software interface allows easy integration with your experiments or OEM setups.


Channels 2
Photodiode Inputs 1 per channel; MCX
Auxiliary Inputs 1 per channel; MCX; +5V TTL
Outputs 1 per channel; MCX; +5V TTL
Max Safe Aux Input +5V (Protected)
Max Safe Photodiode Input +5V
Photodiode Bias Control 0 V to +5 V via 1 kΩ to MCX centre pin
Pulse Picker  
Laser rep-rate range 20 MHz to > 200 MHz (PLL mode)
Laser rep-rate range 200 KHz to 20 MHz (Sampled mode)
Divider Range 2-65535
Burst Size 1-65535
Phase control PLL Mode Adjustable across full cycle
Phase control PLL Mode Sampled Mode: Delayed up to 210ns
Operating Modes Free running: Uses Divider and Burst Parameters
Operating Modes Gated: Uses Aux signal to enable output
Operating Modes Triggered: Uses Aux signal edge to enable complete Burst
Operating Modes Pass-through
Operating Modes Off
Auxiliary Input Frequency range DC – 3MHz
Group Mode Starts both pulse pickers simultaneously
Mains input voltage 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 350 VA (Typical power: 30 W with 2 sequencers)
Ice Bloc size (W x H x D) Half rack 203 mm x 2U 89 mm x 345 mm (8” x 3.5” x 13.6”)
Ice Bloc unit weight 3.5 kg
Operating temperature 0 °C to 70 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to 85 °C
Relative humidity  90 % Humidity, non-condensing
Indoor/outdoor use Indoor use only
Altitude <2000 m